Product InfoWALRUS OIL

A food-safe wood finish made of FDA compliant Coconut Oil, Mineral Oil, Vitamin E, and Beeswax, safe for food contact surfaces such as cutting boards and butcher blocks. Shelf stable, does not solidify under normal conditions, and has no weird scent. It leaves your board with a smooth finish, rich color, and a little shine.

Everyone Has a StoryHERE’S WHY WE MADE IT

It was 2010 when founder Dave Darr started refinishing antique furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan and began experimenting with different ingredients that could be used as a wood finish. However it wasn’t until 2016 while producing 100’s of serving boards per day did we find ourselves needing a wood finish that was food-safe, high quality, and only needed to be applied once. When our search came up short, we refined years of R&D and created what we called Walrus Oil.

We were so impressed with our new wood finish, we decided to stick a label on it and quickly went from woodworkers to brewmasters. Walrus Oil was exactly what we needed, a food-safe single application, and we hope it far exceeds your expectations as well. Our guarantee is simple, superior quality at an affordable price, because that’s what we would expect too.

8 oz. Cutting Board Oil

The perfect size to keep under the sink for periodically oiling your cutting board or kitchen counter.

32 oz. Cutting Board Oil

For the seasonal woodworker, our 32 oz jug will easily finish dozens of small cutting boards or a few large tables.

128 oz. Cutting Board Oil

For production-level woodshops who need a larger supply of Walrus Oil, we offer gallon jugs and at the best value price.

3 oz. Wood Wax

A pinch of our dense wax is all you need to condition a cutting board, it’s easy to apply, and has no additives that cause yellowing.

32 oz. Pure Mineral Oil

Our Mineral Oil enhanced with Vitamin E can be used as a cutting board finish or lubricant for knives and food equipment.

128 oz. Pure Mineral Oil

For larger woodshops, knife makers, and restaurants, we offer our Mineral Oil in gallon jugs and at the best value price.

Cutting Board OilApplication Instructions

Step 1. Sand

We recommend sanding the surface with a fine or very fine grit, 220 to 600. To prevent grain fibers from rising after use, before applying Walrus Oil some will sand the board, wet it, dry it off, then sand it again.

Step 2. Apply and Set

Apply an even layer of Walrus Oil on all sides of the board. Prop the board up on something so that all sides can air dry at the same time. Dry for at least 12 hours and no more than 48 hours.

Step 3. Wipe and Done

After drying buff away excess oil with a soft rag and work in any wax residue. You’re done! Although not necessary, for extra depth and color you may apply a 2nd coat.



I love how easy it is to apply. It’s thin, effective, long lasting, and makes walnut pop for sure.


The Wood Pastor


I cannot say enough good things about your product and your company. The oil speaks for itself.


John Ayala Woodworks


Walrus Oil is in my opinion the best cutting board oil on the market and they are great people.


Walker’s Rustic Woodworks