Frequently Asked Questions#NOWALRUSHARMED

In all seriousness, questions are important. When you’re looking to buy a product, you want to make sure your money is being well spent. We get it! Everyone also has an opinion on how something should or shouldn’t work. And that’s cool too. So we’ll do our best to address the most common questions we receive here.

Is Walrus Oil made from walruses?

Sorry to disappoint, but no. That would be incredibly illegal and also just plain weird. It’s a cool name. We like walruses and there might actually be a few working for us in our shipping department!

What makes you think you’re so much better than [                ]?

We let the customers dictate this decision, but to answer your question, we’re pretty sure we’re the only company that blasts Brick House ever time someone places an order over $1,000!

What’s so special about Walrus Oil?

Walrus Oil is like nothing else in the market, its consistency is of a heavy oil, not too thin but not a cream either. Our combination and ratio of ingredients is truly special and each ingredient has a vital purpose.

Coconut Oil and Mineral Oil is necessary to penetrate the wood giving it natural color, depth, and shine.

Vitamin E works similarly but also functions as a natural preservative to keep the wood from going rancid as it’s being used daily.

Walrus Oil also contains two types of Beeswax crystals that will leave a beautiful and highly functional protective barrier after it fully cures for 24 hours. Best of all, one coat is all you need every 4 to 6 weeks.

Can I see your recipes?

Can we see your bank account login and social security number?

Is Mineral Oil really considered food-safe?

In the form we use, absolutely! There are naturally occuring fossil fuel reserves below the earth. Fossil fuels are simply organic material derived from the remains of plants and other things from the past. When safely extracted and purified you get Pure White Mineral Oil. No additives and no evil laboratory conspirators involved. Although fossil fuels are used to make other products, Pure White Mineral Oil is NOT a byproduct of jet fuel, motor oil, or something nefarious. This is a big misconception. The Mineral Oil we use is considered safe by the FDA for food-contact-surfaces, it’s certified Kosher, and it can even be used in skincare products.

With all that being said, we plan to eventually release a 100% Plant-Based / Vegan line of products.

Is Mineral Oil environmentally safe?

When used properly Mineral Oil is harmless to both humans and the environment. What most people are concerned about is CO2 and it’s role in global warming. Some of our wood finish products do contain Mineral Oil but it can only release CO2 when burned, and we have doubts people are buying our product to burn it, which would be extremely difficult by the way since we don’t use propellants.

Something we are concerned about is spillage and waste that comes from the extraction process. We avoid working with suppliers that use offshore drilling or drilling near National Parks such as those in Alaska and the Dakotas. We also only work with USA-based companies where proper government oversight and environmental accountability is in place.