Board Butter Kit

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The Tools you Need to Craft Your Own Cutting Board Butter

Have you ever wanted to experiment with a custom board butter for your cutting board projects or for gifting to your customers? Well, now you can with the essential ingredients to create a truly distinctive blend. All you need to do is heat and mix according to the ratios that suit your preferences. With the melting temperatures of the waxes clearly labeled on the packaging, we've made it a little easier for you to get started. We recommend starting with a 1 to 4 ratio of wax and oil, the more wax you add the denser the finish will be. You're going to have fun, guaranteed!

Kit Includes:
32oz Jug of Fractionated Coconut Oil
14oz Bag of Beeswax Pellets
14oz Bag of Carnauba Wax Flakes

(Jars not included)
Not Available for Canada Orders