Sawdust Coffee Longboarding Shirt

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This particular Sawdust Coffee shirt features the Medium Roast artwork and is slightly inspired by the special story (gather around kids for a story) a story from not that long ago when our founder forgot that he was a slightly out-of-shape dad in his high 30s, leisurely skating down a very small neighborhood hill and ended up in a hospital with severe road rash. While some people should stick to flat boardwalks at low speed, this shirt is still a great fit and feels like you're being bear hugged by a very soft teddy bear named Mr. Bear Hugger the Bear. Pocket print features "Coffee First and then Sawdust", the only thing all civilization won't fight against.

- Unisex / Modern Fit
- 100% Ring Spun Cotton
- Graphite Black with Chest Print and Back Print
- Printed in the USA