Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz)
Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz)
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Walrus Oil's Furniture Finish is a penetrating oil-based finish that soaks deep into hardwoods, pulling out natural wood colors and tones, and locking them in permanently. There are no dyes or added dryers, which can cause yellowing in the wood. Furniture Finish is completely natural, vegan friendly, and made of Polymerizing Safflower Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Perilla Seed Oil, and a hint of Lime for freshness. Ideal for hardwood chairs, dressers, picture frames and more. Safe for food-contact surfaces. Cures to a beautifully smooth matte finish.


Matte Finish
Lightly Scented
100% Plant Based
Food Grade Ingredients

Project Ideas
Tables, Chairs, Bookcases, Coffee Tables, Picture Frames, Wooden Boxes and more.

Use on hardwoods that are sanded between 220 - 400 grit. The lower the grit, the deeper the oil will soak. The higher the grit, the smoother the wood will feel. To prevent raised grain, always use the "sand, wet, sand" method. Apply thin layer of oil until entire surface is covered. Wipe away excess after 24 hrs. Repeat until desired number of coats and look is achieved. After final coat, allow 24 - 48 hrs for surface to become dry to touch. May take up to 1 week to be completely dry to touch and up to 4 weeks to be completely cured. While curing, it's ideal for the wood piece to be kept in a temperature controlled environment. Humidity and high heat can prolong cure time. Keep liquids off surface for up to 4 weeks.

Product Care
For best results use by expiration date on bottle. Store at room temperature or in a cool and dry place. Keep bottle sealed when not in use.

More Product Details
Made from a variety of Safflower Oil that has historically been used as a major component in floor sealers, varnishes, and paints. Our Safflower Oil contains the highest concentration of linoleic acids in plant oils and a high iodine number, allowing the oil to polymerize (double bond) when it comes into contact with oxygen when applied to wood. The addition of Hemp Seed Oil naturally speeds up drying time and adds to the overall durability as it triple bonds to a hard surface. Our Furniture Finish is biodegradable and contains no harmful additives or accelerators.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Sam T.
United States United States
Nice blend of oils

Not every woodworker enjoys finishing projects. Walrus Oil is easy to apply and drys in a smooth, even, rich coat. Easy to apply. If finishing projects isn’t your favorite thing to do, try Walrus Oil. no Walrus’ was harmed in the production of this oil.

Walrus Oil Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Review
Tim N.
United States United States
Great product!

Have been using the cutting board oil for some time. Finally had a project to need furniture oil and I’d didn’t disappoint! Great stuff!

Walrus Oil Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Review
Dylan R.
United States United States
Best oil on the market

Delivery was very easy and came in good packaging. The oil smells amazing, goes on super clean, and gives any hardwood a great finish

Martin G.
United States United States
Great finish

Easy to use, leaves a great finish. Combined with the furniture wax this is my favorite wood finish yet.

Eric M.
United States United States
Best Product EVER!

I have used Walrus Oil products for just about a year now. Since then, I have grown to be loyal to their products due to their quality/price/and customer service. They excel in all three fields! Thank you.

Walrus Oil Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) ReviewWalrus Oil Furniture Finish (8oz - 128oz) Review