Is it really made with walrus?
Nope! It's just a clever name and walrus is federally protected anyways (thank goodness). Although we believe our products are as strong as a walrus, no walrus is used in the making of Walrus Oil.

Are your wood finishes food-safe?
Yes, we only use ingredients that are 100% FDA approved for food contact surfaces to make our products! This means you can use Cutting Board Oil or even Furniture Butter on your butcher blocks or wooden utensils.

Why do your products say "not for consumption or skin" if they're food-safe?
All of our products are made with 100% FDA food-safe ingredients. Out of an abundance of caution, we put this disclaimer on wood finishes and leather care goods so they don't get confused for something else, like a cooking oil for example. 

Do you have detailed instructions on how to use all of your wood finishes?
Yes, go here for our "Product Application" page.

Do you have product SDS sheets?
Yes, you can find those here.

What is the difference between Wood Wax and Cutting Board Oil?

Cutting Board Oil penetrates and is a deep conditioner, while Wood Wax coats and seals the wood surface. When using both products together, apply the Cutting Board Oil first and then the Wood Wax as a final coat.

Does Wood Wax or Furniture Wax protect against water rings?
Both Wood Wax and Furniture Wax are primarily made of waxes that are naturally water-resistant and will help prevent rings. If you notice water spots, generally they can be buffed out with a little wax or in some cases Cutting Board Oil if it was originally finished with it. Proper application also helps prevent water spots. 

What is the best/most efficient way to apply your wood finishes?
For the oil-based products we generally recommend using a rag, an old t-shirt, or vinyl gloves. For waxes, an electric buffer is superior. When wiping off excess at the final step steel wool works excellent. 

How often do you recommend reapplying oil/wax?
Depending on how often the finished item is used, we recommend once or twice a year.

Should I build up coats for new wood?
You can build coats with our Furniture Finish line, but it is not necessary. One or two coats should be sufficient.

What cleaning method would you recommend for cutting boards finished with Walrus Oil?
Gently hand washing with a light soap (such as our Cutting Board Soap) and lukewarm water will preserve the finish longer.

What types of wood can I use your products on?
Our products can be used on all hardwoods, including exotic woods.

Can your finishes be used over paints and stains?
Our Furniture Wax and Furniture Butter can be used over oil-based stains, along with chalk, milk, or clay paints.

How many square feet will an 8oz bottle cover?
It varies between products. An 8oz bottle of Furniture Finish can cover 25-38 square feet in one coat, and an 8oz bottle of Cutting Board Oil can cover around 25-30 8x10 inch cutting boards, both sides, one coat.  

Can I use your products over epoxy/polyurethane?
Yes, as long as the polyurethane is oil-based.

What is the difference between using Furniture Finish and Furniture Wax vs Furniture Butter?
Furniture Butter acts as a 2-in-1 finish and wax, conditioning and protecting the wood in a one step process. Any of these products can be used alone, but our fool-proof method for the best protection is to use Furniture Finish, Furniture Butter, then Furniture Wax in that order.

Can I apply your products outside?
You may apply our finishes outside and in open garages, but keep in mind when it's humid the oils may evaporate quicker as they are curing, and when it's cold some finishes may become thicker and potentially more difficult to apply. Room temperature is best for finishing wood.

Are your products suitable for outdoor projects?
Our Cabin Walls finish is the only product we recommend for outdoor projects.

I accidentally put Cutting Board Oil over Wood Wax and now it has a white haziness, what should I do?
No problem, just give it a good buff and reapply the Wood Wax.

What's the difference between Cutting Board Oil and Furniture Finish?
Cutting Board Oil is non-polymerizing and is designed for food cutting surfaces that need to be washed frequently. Our Furniture Finish line is made of polymerizing oils, hard waxes, and pine rosin and is better designed for furniture that needs a hard surface protection.

Do your products contain VOCs?

Do any of your products work on concrete?
Our Furniture Wax is perfect for concrete floors.

Is your product flammable?

If it's not flammable, why do some products have a spontaneous combustion warning label?
Our Furniture Finish line has this label as a precaution. During the polymerization process, the oils will warm up naturally as they harden/dry. In extremely rare circumstances this process can cause oil soaked rags to catch fire on their own. To date, we haven't had a reported incident of this happening with our products!

Can I use Walrus Oil with other brands of wood finishes and stains?
Yes, Walrus Oil is generally compatible with most other wood finish brands and stains, as long as they are oil-based. However, we currently only recommend using our Furniture Finish line with products and oil-based stains made by other brands. 

How do I give my project more sheen?
You can sand at a higher grit (400-420), or buff out the wax finish a little more.

Can I use your products on wood spoons/utensils?
Yes you can, but we don’t recommend using it on utensils that will be used for stirring hot liquids.

Are you able to send out promotional items upon request?
Occasionally we will have promotional items that are sent out with website orders, but we no longer ship stickers or merchandise by themselves unless they are purchased through the website.

Do you include free stickers in every order?
We will send one free sticker with every online order while supplies last.

Where can I send pictures of my finished Walrus Oil projects?
If you want to show off your completed projects that have been finished with Walrus Oil, send them to our Instagram account @walrusoil for a chance to be featured on our page!

Are your products made or derived from Walruses?
No, Dave just really likes Walruses!

Do you test on animals?

What kind of finish do your products leave?
Matte to satin. This can be affected by what grit the wood was sanded at.

At what temperature should I store my Walrus Oil products?
Room temperature (68-74F)(20-23C)

Do your products have expiration dates?
All of our products are shelf stable for 24 months after the manufacturing date.

Are your skincare products gluten-free?
None of the ingredients we use are derived from wheat, but our skincare products are not certified gluten-free.

Can your products cause mold growth?
If the wood you are working with is completely dry (which is always necessary for woodworking) there is no way you could end up with mold caused by our products.

What kind of finish can I expect from your leather oil/wax?
Generally a darker, more matte finish.

Can your leather care products be used on leather furniture?

Do your products contain any dyes?

What makes Cabin Walls and Hardwood Floors Finish more durable than Furniture Finish?
Cabin Walls is made mostly with Tung oil, whereas Furniture Finish has Tung oil but it is not the main ingredient.

What ingredients make your product vegan/vegetarian?
Our Furniture Finish line is certified plant-based because all of the ingredients used are derived from plants. Our Cutting Board Oil and Wood Wax are vegetarian because they contain beeswax.

Does Walrus Oil leave a stain/darken wood?
he Cutting Board line will not, it simply enhances the natural colors of the wood. Our other products can darken wood in a way similar to as if it were wet.

What will make cure times quicker when using Cabin Walls and Hardwood floors?
You can add a small amount of citrus solvent to speed things up.

Is Furniture Finish Oil/Butter/Wax combo more durable than Cabin Walls and Hardwood Floors Finish?
No, Cabin Walls and Hardwood Floors Finish is our most durable finish.

Are your products safe to use on antique furniture?
Yes, all of our products are safe to use but we recommend furniture finish, butter, and wax.

Is your Logger’s Lip Balm seasonal?
Yes, we typically stock up on lip balm in the winter months.

Does Angry Nips contain any essential oils?

Is Angry Nips only used for breastfeeding mothers?
No, Angry Nips is perfect for chafed or irritated skin!

Could lemon juice cut through a wax seal?
Potentially, since the juice is acidic. If this happens you can just reapply a layer of wax.

What product do you recommend for beginner woodworkers?
We recommend either our cutting board care kit or just cutting board oil as it is our most versatile product!

What is the easiest way to apply your product on a large surface area, such as Cabin Walls on a deck?
We recommend using a paint brush to apply our products on larger surface areas.

Does your product attract ants or bugs?
Bugs are mostly attracted to sweet things; our products do not contain any sugars or sugar derivatives.

What sizes of apparel do you carry?
T-shirts are available in sizes S-3XL.

How do I dispose of any excess oil?
You can throw any excess away in the trash. Please do not pour it down the drain!

Can I wash my oil/wax soaked rag for future use?
Yes, you can wash it by hand. We do not recommend washing in the washing machine.

I finished my countertop with your oil. Even though I let it dry for 24 hours, it is still leaving residue on paper. What should I do?
Our products can take up to 48 hours to fully cure so make sure you are giving it enough time to cure and wipe down. Also, if the pores in your wood are too big, they can hold excess oil. Make sure to sand at a higher grit (420-600) for a tighter seal on the pores.

How difficult is it to buff out furniture care products over cutting board care products?
Since the furniture care products are polymerizing, they do require more buffing than cutting board oil/wax. They just need a little more elbow grease!

How do I change/cancel my order?
Email as soon as you can, we get things shipped out quickly around here!

Can I place orders over the phone?
Yes, our phone number is 417-773-9919

What if I don’t receive a confirmation email after placing an order online?

What is your return policy?
If you’re not satisfied with your order we accept returns within 10 business days. We want our customers to be 100% happy with their experience while working with us! For returns, please contact

Where can I order Walrus Oil outside the US and Canada?
You can find our products on, or you can check out our International store locator here.

How can I be one of the first people to find out about restocked items?
If you are subscribed to our emails you will be notified when an item is restocked. Go here to sign up!

Where are your products made?
We are located in the Ozarks! We make everything in house.

Do I have to wear gloves when applying your products?
We only use natural ingredients in our products, so you don’t have to wear gloves. However, they can help make cleaning up a little easier.

Where can I find your products aside from your website?
We sell on Amazon,, and We also have a list of distributors here.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, orders that are $99+ qualify you for free shipping!

What if my tracking number has not been updated?
Give it 10 business days to be updated, if it has not updated in that time contact

Do you offer overnight shipping?
Yes, but the customer is responsible for shipping cost.

Why can’t you ship some products to Canada?
Because of certain regulations, it can take a while for us to get our labels approved. We are constantly working on it and hopefully will be able to ship all of our products to Canada eventually!

How come I can’t apply a coupon with my subscription orders?
Subscription orders already give you a percentage off of your product so we don’t allow additional coupons.

What are the steps I should take if I haven’t received my order after 10 business days?
You should contact your local post office first. If you still need help figuring things out you can email

When will my order ship after I place it?
Most orders are shipped within 3 business days, but fulfillment times may take longer during our peak season. More info here

Where can I find information about wholesale?
Check out our wholesale info page here. You can also send an email to

Does wholesale have a minimum purchase order?
For first open wholesale orders, there is a $500.00 minimum.

What if I cannot meet the minimum purchase requirement for my first order?
You may place small wholesale orders through Tundra or Faire (3rd party wholesale sites do not contain full catalog).

Do you have any wholesale dealer guidelines?
No bootlegging or changing product labels!

As a wholesale dealer for Walrus Oil, may I use your product descriptions and images for marketing purposes?
Yes. All material can be found at

Where can I find a Wholesale Dealer Application?
An application is not required. You may email and provide some information, such as business name and contact person, type of business, number of years in business, and address and phone number to get started.

Do you offer free shipping for wholesale orders?
No, as free shipping will lead to an increase in product cost.

How do I place a wholesale order?
Email with your name of business and contact person, type of business and number of years in business, address and phone number.

Do you offer payment terms for wholesale orders?

What kind of discounts does wholesale offer?
Contact for more information.

What is sustainable forestry?
Our goal at Walrus Oil is to plant as many trees as we can to replace the trees used for woodworking projects. Without trees, there would be no woodworking; and without woodworking, there would be no need for wood finishes. What helps the Earth, helps the trees, helps you and helps us! Sustainable Forestry is a conservation method that ensures all the trees don’t disappear one day.

What is 1% For the Planet?
1% For The Planet is an association of businesses committed to donating 1% or more of gross revenues to environmental organizations who work to help nature thrive.

Are your products sustainably sourced?

What about all the plastic?
Our plastic containers come from a local company and are composed of up to 50% post-consumer material. We encourage our customers to reuse or recycle them, but we realize plastic is still not great! We take efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in other ways, and hopefully in the near future will come up with a better idea.

Do you pay for return shipping?
We typically do not pay for return shipping.

If I am a local, do I have to pay for shipping? Or can I pick up my order at Walrus Oil HQ?
Contact if you want to pick up your order from Walrus Oil HQ.

How can I recycle my empty containers?
You’ll want to clean out any residue, and from there you can reuse the containers (the metal containers are especially good for storing anything from spices to screws and nails) or recycle them. Go here to find out where your local recycling center is!

What do I do if my project comes out cloudy or dull after using your products?
It should be sanded using a higher grit or buffed a little more.

Do you offer an affiliate program?
Yes, click here to get signed up!

Can you mix and match your products? For example sealing Cutting Board Oil with Furniture Wax? Or Furniture Butter with Wood Wax?
Yes. Our products are all oil-based so they can be paired with no issues, just make sure you are using oils first and waxes on top!

After applying and buffing away oil/wax, is it necessary to wash the board with light soap and water before cutting food on it?
There is no need to wash after applying finish! Just make sure to give it a good buff and allow 24 hours for drying.