Why Our Products Help Plant Trees

Walrus Oil is a purpose driven company making premium products as natural as possible and committing profits to plant trees for the longterm health of the planet. It's no secret, without trees Earth would be uninhabitable. Trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere and help heal the land of the effects of climate change. Trees also provide sanctuary for wildlife, natural beauty for our eyes, shade for those extra hot days, and places of recreation for all to freely enjoy. Our tree planting efforts are implemented by National Forest Foundation® and verified annually by 1% For The Planet®. For good measure, we're also Climate Neutral® Certified to cover our own manufacturing footprint.

The world needs our help and this is our contribution. Every product sold supports this mission and together I believe we can help keep the world wildly beautiful!"

Dave Darr - Founder/CEO

Dave Darr is a Lifetime Member and Walrus Oil® is a proud partner of