1. SAND - Sand wood with high-grit sand paper, at least 220. To prevent raised grain some people will wet the board after it's first sand, dry, then sand again.

2. APPLY - Pour a small amount of Walrus Oil directly on the wood and begin working it into the wood with a rag or your hands with vinyl gloves on. Generally a little bit goes a long way.

3. DRY - Apply Walrus Oil and dry for specified times below:
12 - 24 Hours - Cutting Board Oil or Pure Mineral Oil
24 - 48 Hours - Furniture Finish
15 Minutes - Wood Wax

4. BUFF - Wipe or buff away any excess residue after drying period. Board may still be slightly damp to touch until fully cured.

5. REPEAT (If needed) - Apply second coat if needed, but most projects should not require more than two coats of finish.