We took these photos at Glacier National Park in Montana, my first time visiting the park and easily the most beautiful place my eyes have ever seen. The unfortunate reality is the glaciers that gave this eden it's name will be completely melted in my lifetime due to climate change. And while all it's beauty won't be totally lost, it's a stark reminder that we the caretakers of this world are at least partially responsible.

We're committed to planting trees for many reasons, first and foremost they're beautiful. Most of us would easily take a lush forest over a barren desert. Trees also clean the air and combat climate change. But perhaps the most relevant answer is, since logging is essential for woodworking and sourcing paper goods to run our business, this is a solution to not only replace what's taken away, but to create a surplus.

Aside from making quality products as natural and plant-based as possible, this is our mission, to make woodworking sustainable, and to grow forest rather than tear them down. Every purchase at Walrus Oil is a contribution to this mission, which fundamentally makes the world a better place for everyone.

- Dave Darr, Founder/CEO

Walrus Oil is an official partner of National Forest Foundation® who administrates all tree planting programs. Trees are primarily conifers, planted mostly in the northwest region of the USA. National Forest Foundation is a 501(c)3 based in Missoula, Montana.

Walrus Oil is an official member of 1% For The Planet®, an association of businesses committed to donating 1% or more of gross revenues to environmental organizations who work to help nature thrive. 1% For The Planet is a 501(c)3 based in Burlington, Vermont.