Cutting Board Oil and Wood Wax, Bundle
Cutting Board Oil and Wood Wax, Bundle Cutting Board Oil and Wood Wax, Bundle
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Walrus Oil is a proprietary wood finish recipe made up of Coconut Oil, Mineral Oil, Vitamin E, and Beeswax, FDA compliant for food contact surfaces such as cutting boards and butcher blocks. Walrus Oil is a liquid form and does not solidify under normal conditions, its highly shelf stable and has virtually no scent. It goes on smooth, not too thick and not to thin, and won't contaminate food with a strange taste. It will leave your board with a silky smooth finish, rich color, and a little shine. Use two coats for more depth and color.

WOOD WAX, 3oz Can
Our Wood Wax is very dense and a pinch goes a long way. Handcrafted with Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Mineral Oil, and Vitamin E. It can be used as a standalone product or after applying a layer of our Cutting Board Oil. Wood Wax will add extra protection from water and moisture while bringing out more vivid wood color and shine. Simply apply a thin layer of wax, dry for 15 minutes, then buff with a rag.


  • Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Not Scented

Project Ideas:
Cutting Boards
Butcher Block Counters
Charcuterie Boards
Wooden Baby Toys
Bowls, Spoons, and Knives

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Paul B.
United States United States
Very good sealer with the wood wax

The oil is similar to the butcher block conditioner made by Howard. The oil dries good. I used 3 coats of the oil on both sides before applying the wood wax. I also let the wood wax sit for 24 hours and it seems like a better finished product in the end. I’m happy with how this board turned out. It is maple so pretty hard to get oil into it. It takes longer to ********* than some woods. I would recommend it to others.

Jan D.
United States United States
Oil & Wax

Loving these on my carved spoons and bowls!

Stan W.
United States United States
It’s okay.

It’s okay. Results were no different than straight mineral oil.

Stan Waclaw verified customer review of Cutting Board Oil and Wood Wax, Bundle
roger b.
United States United States
Smooth Operation

Time hasn't passed to assess wearability, but used both the wax and oil. Both applied easily, with no problems at all, and I love the look and feel.

Aaron T.
United States United States
We’re gonna need a bigger bottle

I pulled out every cutting board I own and gave them a new life with the oil/wax combo, as well as the cutting boards I built as Christmas presents. I’m definitely going to buy the large jug next time!

Aaron Teare verified customer review of Cutting Board Oil and Wood Wax, Bundle