Polymerized Linseed Oil

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Polymerized Linseed Oil is a Natural, VOC-Free, and Fast Curing Wood Sealer

Our Polymerized Linseed Oil is the fastest curing wood finish we offer. When applied to wood surfaces, Polymerized Linseed Oil provides a durable and protective film that protects against age and scratches while enhancing the wood's natural beauty. Since our Linseed Oil is polymerized, it has exceptional drying characteristics to ensure a quick and thorough curing process, resulting in a hard, long-lasting finish that effectively seals the wood pores. It does not create an artificially glossy appearance but instead showcases a warm and natural sheen to the wood, preserving its natural aesthetic appeal. Its versatility, ease of application, and eco-friendly nature make it a great choice among woodworkers and craftsmen for sealing and preserving wooden surfaces. Also, it's considered safe for food-contact surfaces by the FDA.

Available Sizes: 16 oz pint

Ingredients: Polymerized Linseed Oil

Project Ideas: Desks, Chairs, Dressers, and other Furniture Projects

Currently not available to ship to Canada