AVA Certified Ingredients
We are committed to only using 100% Food-Safe ingredients in all of our products, from our furniture finishes to skincare goods. We never use synthetics or toxins and everything we make is AVA Certified Vegetarian, Vegan, or Plant-Based.

Full Transparency
We list every ingredient on the front of our packaging to show we have nothing to hide. No strange chemicals you can't pronounce, no preservatives other than Vitamin E, and definitely no scary death skull warning labels.

Plant-Based Skincare
All of our skincare products are vegan friendly and completely made from plants, including our lip balm and salves. Even are essential oils are non-synthetic and derived from plants.

With fresh water resources depleting worldwide, we have declared no added water in any products. Where water would be needed, instead we use glycerin, aloe vera juice, or floral distillates, a natural byproduct of essential oil manufacturing.

No Unnecessary Goods
We believe products should be treated like a utility knife, only used when necessary. That's why we don't just make super awesome exciting products, we make tools, things we all actually need and not much more.

Environmental Stewardship
At WalrusOil.com we plant one tree for every order through a National Forest Foundation program. We donate empty barrels to a local farm who converts them into planters, and we recycle or repurpose as much waste as we can.

After graduating from college and looking for a different pace of life, our founder Dave Darr moves to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the kayaking and cycling friendly community. He also starts refinishing antique furniture in his free time and not thinking much of it, begins experimenting with unique ingredients that could be used as a wood finish.

A few years later he relocates to Springfield, Missouri and starts mass-producing cutting boards for restaurants. While searching for a wood finish that is simple to use, food-safe, and doesn't require multiple coats, he comes up empty handed. He then decides to make his own. He goes into the shop, refines years of R&D, and creates what he coined “Walrus Oil”. Not actually made from walrus, but a totally food-safe, single-step solution.

In 2017 Walrus Oil is launched with a couple hundred bucks and a kitchen stove. The initial market tests are overwhelmingly positive and within a few months th
e ambitious idea becomes a full time job; the founder starts investing in industrial brewing equipment. New products are released including Wood Wax, Furniture Finishes, and more.

In 2018 Walrus Oil hires it's first employees to keep up with production. They also branch out into two new product markets, leather care and skincare. The first batch of Logger's Lip Balm sells out in 48 hours and later becomes the 3rd highest selling product. In November of 2018 Walrus Oil is featured in the world's largest woodworking magazine, Wood Magazine, read by over 400,000 people. Stores across the country also start carrying Walrus Oil.

In 2019 Walrus Oil begins growing internationally, heavily in Canada, Turkey, and several European countries. They also expand their manufacturing capacity and move into a facility 3x larger than their first. Still reading? Cool. By mid-year their products are available in well over 100 stores in the US alone.

At the beginning of the new year Walrus Oil doubles the size of their building, now occupying 4,000 sqft of space for expanded production, offices, fulfillment, and raw material storage. New products are released including Furniture Butter, which sells out in less than 1 hour on their website, as well as other wood finishes, and an expanded line of skincare products including Muscle Relief Salve and Soothing Tattoo Balm.

A week before Earth Day, Walrus Oil announced for every order placed at WalrusOil.com they would plant 1 tree through the National Forest Foundation. The overall result would be a surplus of thousands of trees planted annually.