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Our Story

Grand Rapids, Michigan
In 2010, after graduating from college and looking for a different pace of life, Dave Darr moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the kayak and cycling friendly environment. He also started refinishing antique furniture in his free time and not thinking much of it, began experimenting with unique ingredients that could be used as a wood finish.

Springfield, Missouri
A couple of years later he relocated further west and started mass-producing cutting boards for restaurants and found himself needing a quality wood conditioner that was simple to use, food-safe, and didn't require multiple coats. When he couldn't find what he was looking for in the big box stores, he refined years of R&D and created what he called “Walrus Oil”. A totally food-safe, single-step wood finish solution. The name was loosely based on his mustache. 

From Wood Finishes to Skincare
Impressed with the results and market potential, he stuck a label on it and went from woodworker to brewmaster virtually overnight. Today Walrus Oil is sold in stores nationwide and is expanding into many new products utilizing the same values and high standards, including leather care finishes, lip balm, hand salve and more. The first skincare product Logger's Lip Balm is now the 3rd highest selling product.

We list every ingredient on the front of all packaging to show our products are both simple and safe to use for anyone. Being an on and off again vegetarian, every product is intentionally vegetarian and many are 100% plant-based.

With the rapid growth of Walrus Oil, we're now blessed with several amazing employees and closely tied manufacturing partners to help facilitate growing demand. As an advocate for small business and entrepreneurship, we're also proud to say since day one we've been a 100% debt-free company and without having to price gouge or bargain quality.

No Unnecessary Goods
We believe products should be treated like a utility knife, only used when necessary. That's why here at Walrus Oil we don't make products, we make tools, things we actually need and little more. This is also why we stick to just a few wood finishes and not a hundred, and why we 
only sell one simple lip balm and not fifty.