Make it Last with Walrus Oil®

Finishes for wood, metal, and leather to stand the test of time. Whether it's a new project, family heirloom, or that perfect vintage find, make it last with safe and natural finishes that give back to nature.

Hey if you're reading this, thanks for dropping by and taking interest in Walrus Oil. It's truly difficult to separate our story from our purpose, but for the sake of narrative, here goes nothing. Walrus Oil was started in a garage, like many businesses, with a mission to make common household products better and with a lot of passion. Founded by a seasoned woodworker who was already experimenting with his own finishes, in 2017 Dave Darr offered for sale a dozen cans of Walrus Oil. It was a truly handcrafted cutting board conditioner made with 100% food-safe ingredients which were printed on the front of the label. Amazingly, they sold out within hours. 24 more were made the next night, those also sold out just as fast. This reciprocated to 1,000s of cans being sold in the first few months of operation. Customers appreciated the product transparency and couldn't help but love the packaging. Meanwhile, Dave was quietly donating profits directly to the US Forest Service to help support tree planting programs, something he's always been passionate about. This love for nature and conifers eventually grew to a strategic partnership with National Forest Foundation® which administrates all tree planting programs between Walrus Oil and USFS.

Our philosophy is quite simple, if Walrus Oil helps keep your stuff out of the landfill, it also helps the planet stay healthier and cleaner. Landfills produce methane and having a new pair of boots made and shipped to you produces carbon, so when Walrus Oil is used to maintain your cutting board, leather boots, and rocking chair, it saves the planet, it helps save you a little money, it's a win-win in our book.

As you might expect, Walrus Oil has since expanded beyond just cutting board oil to formulate a wide variety of wood care, metal care, and leather care products, all of which are made with certified plant-based and vegetarian ingredients. As of 2023 we are sold in nearly 1,000 stores across North America and enjoyed by many, from the home chef, to the professional woodworker, the avid outdoorsman, and antique collector.

A lot has happened in just a few short years and our small team is excited to see where this journey takes us and how far we can spread the good news that your stuff is worth saving just as much as the planet. If you've ever purchased a Walrus Oil product, thank you for being a part of our story, and always feel free to reach out to us with anything we can do to make your Walrus Oil experience better.